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Hi .. My name is Rose Falkenzie, I like cooking and traveling. Various dishes from all over the world I want to try to cook.

I once lived in Korea, and now I live in Indonesia. I really like Korean cuisine, Indonesian cuisine too, because it tastes delicious and contains a lot of various spices.

So it's not only Asian or Eastern Food, I also like cooking and eating Western food. And some of the recipes that I'm trying to share here. In addition to documentation, it is also easy to share with other friends.

I love to make beautiful food, photograph it, and write about it, but mostly, I just love to EAT.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  My food is bold and vibrant, but I try to keep it honest and unfussy.  I know you can’t always get to a farmer’s market, so you’ll find most of my ingredients in your local supermarket.  And when I do play with something unusual, I’ll make sure you know where to get it.

Sue head shot You won’t find any fad diets here ~ just a healthy enthusiasm for the incredible variety of whole foods on this beautiful planet of ours.  I don’t like the term food porn, but I do think that a gorgeously fresh and colorful salad can be just as enticing as a gooey dessert.

Thank you for stopping by, hopefully it can be useful for you and your family, as well as your friends.


Rose Falkenzie

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