Indian Watermelon Juice Recipe

Indian Watermelon Juice Recipe. Mar 30, 2022 · last modified: So just give it a try.

watermelon juice recipe, how to make watermelon juice
watermelon juice recipe, how to make watermelon juice from

Add 2 tbsp watermelon pieces, 2 tbsp sabja seeds. Watermelon is a fruit that should be eaten during the summer to avoid dehydration and other problems that may occur due to dehydration, during the summer. I often make various types of healthy juices.

Rub Rims Of 2 Glasses With Lime Wedge, Then Dip Rims Into Sugar Mixture To Coat, Pressing With Your Fingers To Adhere.

Mix well and serve immediately. On a shallow plate, combine granulated sugar, lime zest, and 1 tablespoon salt. Cut each part to 4 quarters.

This Fruit Has Full Of Nutrients.

Peel the skin and dice it into ½ inch pieces. How to make watermelon juice recipe at home ? So just give it a try.

Two Types Of Melon Come Together In This Indian Tarbooz Aur Kharbuja Juice Making A Pleasing Drink For Hot Summers.

The one fruit that i get. Strain juice through a metal strainer and serve. Watermelon juice recipe vitamins like a, b6 and c,also has antioxidants and amino acids.

Serve By Adding Little Ice Cubes Or Chilled.

Finally, pour 1 cup fresh soda or sprite and stir before serving. Blend with chat masala, lemon juice and salt. You can eat watermelon as it is or juice it, when making watermelon juice, we can add different flavors to it, people will love it, like ginger, pepper, and lime, and the watermelon juice can be easily made at home.

Recipe For Fresh Melon Juice Preparation Time:

Watermelon juice recipe is a cool drink used to prepare in summer season. I often make various types of healthy juices. In a blender add watermelon pieces along with sugar (if using) and blend until smooth, add little water if required to blend well.

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